Life is pretty damn good!

So, we’ve been pretty busy lately and I’m sorry to say we seem to refresh our facedamnedbook page more often than this one. 

The SUPPORT YOUR SCENE HARDCORE FEST was great. It was all that a DIY show is supposed to be: last-minute arrangements, being very behind schedule, and enjoying some very awesome music despite of all that. Very bearded, very tattoed Spanish band RAPTURES and French touring war machine NINE ELEVEN were great to hear/see live – very powerful and dynamic – and fun to hang out with. I marked the date on my calendar: May 12th, first day of sunbathing and seabathing on the beach in the year 2012. Time to really start working on that tan.
No, this isn’t California baby, it’s the Mediterranean!

On June 1st we had the good luck of helping out in the organization of a show in Castellón and thus getting to see an awesome live set by another great french band, I AM A CURSE. We were really impressed and inspired by these guys’ uncompromising DIY attitude and commitment. True hardcore spirit. Support them and for godsake don’t miss the opportunity to see them live if you have the chance!

Everything else is going well in our lives. Exam time for some of us, I’m very sorry to say. But other than that, good times, good friends, good music, lots of sun. We are going on with our usual activities – band, zine, t-shirts, tattooing, and loving HC each day of our lives.